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Privacy Policy
ELI by Studio XII

Your privacy matters to ELI by Studio XII bv. Please find below more information on what kind of data we collect, how we use your data and what your rights are.

Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us:

Studio XII bv
Julius Delaplacestraat 12
8310 Bruges

Contact information 
When you register for a course filling in the form online, we assume you really want to contact us. The content of this form will be sent to Our web developer will also keep a copy on our server, just in case there would be problems with our email address.


When you sign up for a course or workshop, we collect your name, first name, email, address, phone number and account details. We need this data to contact you when courses or activities change, when we need to get in touch with you or we need to send our invoice. All data are being kept safely and are only used in cases as stated above. You are entitled, free of charge and on request, to object the use of your data. Please contact Studio XII bv, Julius Delaplacestraat 12, 8310 Bruges, or send us an email

Studio XII bv is not sharing your personal information with anyone. We do not allow other companies to collect your data, with the one exception if it should be necessary to provide a service you required.

Studio XII bv keeps your personal information up tot 3 years after you finished your last module or workshop.

Should you request to use one of these rights, please contact us on We will try and deal with your request within 30 working days.

Right to see your data
You are entitled to ask for a copy of all data we have at our disposal.

Right to correct your data
When your data is not correct or not complete, you are entitled to get this adjusted.

Right to be erased
You are entitled to be erased from our database.

Right to disagree on the data processing
Anyone whose data are being collected is entitled to object the way the data are being processed or can withdraw its approval

Right to restrict the data processing
You are entitled to stop (temporarily) your data being processed.

Right to complain
Should you think we have not dealt with your data in an appropriate way, you can always complain to the Privacy committee.

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Studio XII bv has the right to change this privacy policy statement should this be necessary. Latest update on 10/07/2023.