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Intensive lettering programmes:

Regardless of your current knowledge and skill, this programme can help you to (re)master all lettering basics. When you want to start out as a lettering artist, this might be just the programme you are looking for.

Discover your talent as a lettering artist. Getting one-on-one feedback will improve your lettering skills and knowledge at an impressive pace. Get to know all you need to turn your passion into a proper job.

Short lettering programmes:

Would you like to find out how to cut a beautiful letter in wood? Or could your technique do with some refinement? Robbie Schneider will explain in the smallest details how to cut a v-shape well. Materials included.

Lettering sculptor Robbie Schneider is planning 4 exciting days of designing and cutting letters in wood. This course is open to anyone who already has some basic skills and who is looking for a challenge and be pushed forward in a fun but serious way.

Should you want to make the most of it, sign up for this combo. Robbie will sharpen your required basic skills on day one and then join us for the 4 days  lettering adventure in wood.

During this course you will discover different letter collage techniques, which letters to use and what the challenges can be. We find out how to make variations in your design. Individual feedback is guaranteed. This course is open to anyone.

Looking at Hermann Zapf’s work (Zapfino), we discover this great hybrid world between typography and calligraphy. We will ask ourselves the questions if a drawn letter can inspire us to develop our own hand? 

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other creatives experienced...

Je krijgt een sterke historische achtergrond. Ik kon in deze lessenreeks werken maken waarin ik het diepste van mezelf kon uitdrukken en andere mensen kon raken.


The lettering training is a great course, it is wonderful, amazing, generous... I will never be able to express how grateful I am to have found this place.


Lieve gave space for everyone’s needs, knowing that every student learns at their own pace. She demonstrates patience and provides additional support and explanations when needed.

Roberta Ribotta - Teacher & lettering artist - GERMANY

Het was een warm letterbad. Een intensieve training is echt opstaan met letters tot er ‘s nachts van dromen. Leren dat het altijd toch een beetje beter of heel anders kan.


May I introduce myself? I am Lieve Cornil,
lettering artist, lettering designer and your lettering coach.

Lieve Cornil - Lettering Courses - Lettering artist, lettering designer en lettering coach tablet
Lieve Cornil - Lettering Courses - Lettering artist, lettering designer en lettering coach

No idea which offline course would suit you best? Or do you have any questions?

I am happy to answer all your questions and listen to your wishes. Together, we can then choose the right course, workshop or intensive programme for you and be sure you sign up for the lettering adventure which suits you best. Invest in your lettering future!